Researcher's Corner We are gathering data, you want it

We've been gathering all this really nice data, and we think we're doing a pretty OK job at displaying and analyzing it, but we also know that there's a lot of really intelligent people out there, people like you, that want to use this data in their research, or maybe think there are better correlations to be shown in our platform. This is the place to congregate, get some of this sweet, sweet, data and also collaborate on making this an even better platform.

Data Export Grab everything you want

Extensible Markup Language

The most obiquitous way to exchange data. This option guarantees compatibility with any programming language. It's specially useful if you want to use MATLAB or GNU Octave.

JavaScript Object Notation

A modern way to interact with our data using programming languages. This option will give you a lot more flexibility if you want to use things like Python or R to work with our data.

Comma Separated Values

The easiest way to use our data. You can open this file in software packages like Excel and LibreOffice Calc and easily interact with the data yourself without any programming required.

Database Dump

A partial dump of our MySQL database, only with the important information for research, and no sensitive data.

This option has the highest barrier of entry, but will give you the most flexibility out of all the options in here.

Open Source We want your contributions

We are fully commited to the open source movement, having licensed the entirety of this web application under the MIT license, and if you're a programmer and found our project insteresting, you are more than welcome to join our community and start contributing to make this web application even better!

You can find the codebase in our GitHub repository with all of the instructions needed to setup a development environment in your own machine. If you have any questions or inquiries about the project please open an issue, but if you just want to chat a bit or maybe you want some help in your own project feel free to contact @nathanpc, he's always eager to help out.

Contribute Your Way Have you done something interesting with our data? Show us!

Whether you're a designer, a researcher, or someone that really enjoys data, you can contribute to make our platform even better! Researchers and data lovers can use our data to discover new and interesting correlations that should be included in the web application so that everyone can see them as well, and designers can find new and better ways to transform this data into beautiful visualizations that captivate our audience and brings meaning to the data that we are gathering.

You can contribute your work simply by submitting it via the following form and it'll be publicly displayed in our contributions board where other contributors will be able to view it and improve on it further. We might even integrate it into our platform so that everyone can see it.

Contributions What people have done with our data so far

Correlation Between Online Time and Food Bought at the Cafeteria

I've compiled a very interesting correlation between the time users are online inside IADE's building and the amount of food bought at the cafeteria.

Submitted 9 months ago by Rodrigo Braga

Infographic of the Habits of IADE Students

I've used the information provided by this platform, combined with other datasets, to create an interesting data visualization project in the form of an infographic about IADE's students habits in general. Forget all that, this is just an example, the infographic shown is from StudyBlue.

Submitted 9 months ago by Nathan Campos <>